October in the PNW: Part One by Tara Davis

So, if you know Andrew and I at all, you know that we love the PNW, especially Portland. We've been there four times in the last two years. Our friends that live there keep asking us when we're just going to stay, and I joke with Andrew that we're not going to be able to travel anywhere else until we move there because we just can't seem to go anywhere else. 

This trip was our first time visiting during fall, and as you would expect, the colors of the northwest did not disappoint. We spent our first full day visiting North Bend & Snoqualmie, Washington, and we also went out to Rainier National Park. Part One will be the North Bend/Snoqualmie aka Twin Peaks dreams, and the next post will be photos from Rainier. 

This was our second time visiting North Bend & Snoqualmie, and it had already changed so much since the last time that we'd been there a year and a half ago. Twede's Diner has had a complete makeover because of the Twin Peaks reboot and the filming they did at the infamous RR (aka Twede's). Unfortunately for you, I didn't really take pictures at the diner. I just had a damn fine cup of coffee and some breakfast, but here are some other shots from Snoqualmie Falls, Packard Saw Mill, Ronette's Bridge, and the Welcome To Twin Peaks sign location.